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I’m not quite sure, how or what I even feel today. It’s like I’m here sitting in my living room watching my girls chatter, eat their pizza’s and then argue over which one of them should hold the remote. On any ‘normal’ day I would stop the bickering, provide them with a napkin or somethingContinue reading “Nothingness”

Sleepless Nights

Not that type of night! Well Not anymore. Now, it’s the 1am creeping in to my bedroom, standing ever so still beside my bed and whisper, while I’m in a deep sleep with Jason Momoa – ‘mummy’ ‘mummy’ hang on is Jason calling me Mummy?! What type of a messed up dream is this?! IContinue reading “Sleepless Nights”

Tag Line

I’m about to write myself a ‘tag line’ there’s an option for an actual tag line to give a brief description of what I may blog. I started off well, I wrote Love, which made me laugh, and think well I’m not going to write Love, Laugh and then obviously Life. Which order they comeContinue reading “Tag Line”

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